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Hi! They call me Able Mable. Born and raised in California, I am an 85° all-year-long kinda gal. TLDR: I'm a #FailedAsian.

I was a program manager and an ERG leader for 7 years at Airbnb. I left to pursue Art Direction because I was craving more creative work as my main gig.

My parents thought I was going to run for office because I can pull off one helluva grassroots lobby campaign (ask my first boss at Airbnb). Prior to that, I interned at city hall, California State’s capitol and in D.C. and was a Fulbright Scholar under the U.S. State Department. They were already kind of disappointed about the Airbnb move. Sorry guys.

But thanks to my multi-faceted background, the additional expertise I bring to the table includes project management, internal/external communications, strategic partnerships, event planning, and community organizing.

When I’m not ideating for campaigns at book180, I am going to stand-up comedy and dancing my heart out (salsa, bachata, and zouk).

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